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CFP: The 10th international SIEF congress (Lisbon, 17-21 April 2011)

SIEF 2011
People Make Places - ways of feeling the world

The 10th international SIEF congress will take place in Lisbon, 17-21 April 2011.

SIEF (Societé Internationale d´Ethnologie et de Folklore) is an international organization that facilitates and stimulates cooperation among scholars working within European Ethnology, Folklore Studies, Cultural Anthropology and adjoining fields. The conference is being organised by CRIA (Centre for Research in Anthropology) which comprises over 200 researchers, including both Portuguese and international scholars.

We have a large range of panels and workshops, covering a wide variety of topics within the main theme of the congress, “People make places: ways of feeling the world“, and the three sub-themes: “Shaping lives”; “Creativity and emotions”; and “Ecology and ethics“. Before making your proposal, please read the descriptions of the theme and sub-themes, and then browse the panels/workshops to find a suitable home for your work.

The call for papers is now open, and will close on 25 October 2010.

Please note the following:

* Proposals must be made via the online form available on the conference website, not by emailed attachment. The link to the form is at the foot of each panel/workshop page.
* You will be asked to provide a short abstract (no more than 300 characters, including spaces) and a long abstract (no more than 250 words); you can indicate co-authors, giving their email addresses; and you can request specific audio-visual technology for your presentation.
* Each panel/workshop page shows a title and abstract and the names of its convenors. It does not show convenor email addresses, for anti-spam reasons. If you wish to contact the convenors directly, click on the email links to use an in-built email messaging system. If you cannot work that, please email congress(at)siefhome.org to obtain relevant email addresses.
* Panel/workshop convenors have been asked to make their decisions over which papers to accept by 15 November. They will email you. Accepted abstracts will then show on the panel/workshop page.

You may only make one presentation, although you may also convene one panel/workshop and/or act as discussant for one panel/workshop. You may submit multiple proposals; however, this is not encouraged; instead we will attempt to re-house any papers which were initially rejected by panel/workshop convenors due to lack of space (rather than quality) after the call has closed. This will take place from 15 November to 15 December 2010.

Languages: SIEF is officially trilingual, allowing presentations in English, French and German. However it is up to the decision of the panel convenors as to which languages they will accept in their panel/workshop. Certainly not all delegates will understand French or German, so those presenting in other languages should have a summary in English and possibly a print-out of the paper (in this language) for those who struggle with the oral presentation, to follow. In the first instance please contact the convenors of the relevant panel and ask them if they are happy to accept a paper in a language besides English

In Panels, each presenter will be given up to 30 minutes, with a maximum of 20 minutes presenting and 10 minutes for questions/discussion. The format of workshops may be different; details will be included in the description of individual workshops.

All presenters must be members of SIEF, and have paid their subscription (€20) for 2011 before the conference. However, you may propose a paper before joining. If and when your paper is accepted, non-members will be asked to sign up. You are, of course, welcome to become a member now - click here to join SIEF.

Any queries with the above, or problems with the online messaging or proposal system, please email congress(at)siefhome.org.
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